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The consulting aspect of our service involves careful analysis of facts, objectives, markets, cultures, behaviours and challenges to provide appropriate advice, strategy and solutions. This may also involve undertaking bespoke research to aid decision-making. Because no two projects are ever the same, we have developed a wide range of services which can be combined in a variety of ways to meet the demands of the individual task. Each of our services falls into one of the following categories. Product development to help create a  distinctive concepts and products, legal communication to comply with global advertisement legislation, export registration for market entry and social media marketing for boosting sales and building customer communities.

Product development

What kind expertise is needed in order to develop globally successful health products? On one hand they need proven effect, on the other they must have big impact en be commercially attractive.

Legal communication

What can be said about health products and what cannot be claimed in advertising towards the consumers? In addition to existing legislation we enable our clients advertising to be effective but responsible.


Manufacturing of health products is a delicate but fast growing business. We have access to an international network of contract manufacturers enabling you to supply your distributors globally and fast.

Export registration

Why creating conditions for successful export of health products is so complex? Well, they must have a composition that is legally compliant but most of all can be sold in as many countries as possible.

Social media marketing

Is social media changing the nature and speed of interaction between consumers and health product distributors. Social media likes healthcare: from marketing to social business. Prior to social media, brands did not have any consistent and measurable way to engage in these conversations. Despite the prevalence of social media, many brands are not taking advantage of it in a strategic way. As with any marketing tactic, execution of social media marketing should be “smart” and integrated with the rest of your digital strategy. Our half-day workshop will guide you through the latest developments in health marketing and the process that needs to be considered when developing products with health benefits. Additionally we facilitate tailored training sessions to educate health marketing for a wide range of professionals from purchasers, marketing managers, sales executives to decision makers and the boardroom.

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