Export registration


Why we do it.

If you intend to export health products, there are requirements that you need to meet. Before you export, as well as meeting your own countries requirements for your products, you may also need to meet destination country requirements. This is often made easier through specific agreements between countries. Sometimes when you export food or food-related products, you need a document certifying that your export consignment meets certain requirements.


To meet the requirements of a destination country, you may need to provide specification that declare information such as origin, production, labelling, health claim status and microbiological information.

Quality assurance

For assuring quality, sites that produce health products must have strict procedures in place for distribution records and product recalls and for the handling, storage and delivery of their products.


In order to register health products, we help companies to improve the quality of their dossiers, and thereby increase the chances of product acceptance by national authorities.


Legalization is the process of authenticating a document so that a foreign country's legal system will recognize it as valid. Many countries require legalization of export documents before your cargo can be shipped.

Mutual recognition

The principle of mutual recognition applies where a product lawfully marketed in one Member State is placed on the market in another Member State. It says that a Member State cannot forbid the sale on its territory of products which are lawfully marketed in another Member State. To ensure the free movement of goods, the principle of a mutual recognition can be an effective instrument. However, the principle is not well understood and is often not applied correctly by EU Member States and companies. Due to the fact that all Microsentials products are designed in a way to be easily notified in Belgium delivering market approval letters from this EU reference country, we can help companies that sell Microsentials based supplements to support the process and requirements for getting their health products accepted on the market throughout the EU and abroad.

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