Product development


How we do it.

Regardless of the format, our health products are the result of a standardized process for research, risk analysis, formulation, design and development. The product development team collects and reacts to ideas from a variety of sources. The customer itself prioritizes development of new content based on user and business needs. Our trend watchers keep an eye on breaking health news worldwide, reading broadly and gathering periodically for product planning meetings. In other words, Sanoplus is rich in knowledge that can inspire your marketing executives with the latest developments.

Market research

With survey structuring, social media contact and data analysis, we deliver the actionable insights you need to support your entire product lifecycle, from concept, to launch, and beyond.

Health claims

We are closely involved in monitoring EFSA developments and meetings. Together with our knowledge of legal and “on hold” claims we are able to provide timely advice on the commercial use of EU health claims.

Risk analysis

Risk assessment plays a key role in food safety approaches. Our team of toxicologists and risk assessors coordinate consultancy and expertise in the health risk assessment of food and health products.


Our formulation service carries out a thorough evaluation of active ingredients and ingredient levels, including a regulatory assessment of complete formulas, including food additives and processing aids.


We help companies deliver high quality health product labels for the EU market, incorporating the expertise of key national experts, to ensure appropriate wording, highlight all product specific and/or national food labelling requirements and advise on national practice when no clear legislation exists. On the other hand we supply hands on service for developing national language health product labels in line with the target country requirements, check the final artwork of labels and analyse whether company promotional materials and websites comply with both national and EU health marketing regulations. Branded products require comprehensive product protection strategies ranging from counterfeit protection and grey market protection to warranty fraud protection and prevention of tampering and theft. In order manage our intellectual property and your brand the labels will always be digitally printed with a Microsentials® hologram and a unique production number.

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