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In a marketplace that gets more crowded everyday it is essential to draw positive consumer attention. A winning product claim does exactly this. The winning claim is a concise statement about your product or brand which best promises value to the consumer after the purchase. It captures what makes your product relevant – and what sets it apart from competition. With our legal health communication semantics you can evaluate a large set of product claims, helping you to understand what to say and how to say it. Not only will you learn which claims resonate best with consumers, we will also provide insight into why a particular claim is suitable for dietary supplements, functional nutrition, medical devices, beauty supplements, medical food and cosmetics. We can help your legal communication based on our extensive experience in health communication testing and our health claims database.

Regulatory analysis

We aim to enable clients to manufacture, distribute and sell their products without unjustified restrictions across the world. Our expertise offers regulatory analysis through our contacts health experts across the world.

Health claim wording

Our health claim wording guidelines provide variations of permitted claims wording practices in national markets. They show the space for variations based on acceptable market practice in other EU countries.


As a health company, you're facing an increasingly well-informed market. You have to work hard to build trust. Each marketing touch has to convince your prospects that your product is worth the price.


Brands are used to make promises about benefits consumers can expect from a product. Through branding consumers form associations, which lead to a long-term relationship between products and consumers.


In order to secure health marketing investments we apply various national certification procedures across European countries. The certification is based on a set of guidelines that dictate whether a product can be deemed truly healthy. The guideline encompasses health care products such as dietary supplements, medical devices, traditional herbal medicines and cosmetical health products. In order to prevent our customers health marketing deliverables being incompliant we offer a review procedure. The material submitted is reviewed by a health marketing officer for compliance with the principles of the local Code of Advertising Practice. We check relevant labelling or advertising regulations, terms of the marketing authorisation, Government and Industry guidelines and other relevant codes of practice. If issues are not clearly defined in the regulations, current industry practice and the current approach of the authorities are taken into account to determine the suitability of a proposal.

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