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We are here to enable our clients in giving people a better life by creating, developing and marketing health products.


The history of our company dates back to 1999 when it was established in The Hague, Holland. For more than 10 years we have been enabling companies with the creation, development and marketing of health products. As a specialist provider of consultancy services pertaining to health and nutrition sciences, regulatory affairs and marketing we have been part of many successful market introductions worldwide. Also for the next 10 years we will be dedicated in helping our clients to sell their health products successfully.

Lars-Erik van Dinter

Me, founder of Microsentials, I was born in 1970 as a son of a Dutch father and Frisian German mother. All my life I have been busy with creating things, science and marketing. Because of my background as an biochemical engineer I have been fascinated with Einstein’s view on enabling success, that is we one cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. Well, that’s what I like, that’s how I do it and that’s what I can offer to your company.




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What we offer

In the growing marketplace of medical, cosmetic and food-related products, it is crucial to have a well-seasoned team developing, communicating and exporting your products and marketing efforts. All of our services and products are built on a coherent foundation: striking strategies, attention to client needs and effective networking across the food, media and publishing industries.

Our network does it

As a network organization we manage projects via a formal and informal framework of experts with a customer centric approach, using direct lines of communication enabling a coherent but flexible team of health marketing experts. This network gives us the unique platform to combine creativity, scientific and legal knowledge into a striking and effective marketing and communication mix.

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